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Indiana Elite FC Tournament Series


All online check-in documentation should be submitted a week prior to the event. This gives tournament staff time to review all documentation and approve rosters prior to the tournament weekend. Please view the event calendar for the online check-in deadline date. 

Required materials to complete online check-in include:
  • State association/league approved roster with player numbers included
  • State association/league approved player cards (current player pictures are required)
  • Guest Player Forms (if applicable - this is not required for same club guest players)
  • Permission to Travel Forms (if applicable)
  • Team Manager Checklist

Only after you have all required documentation (including a complete roster and player cards for all rostered players) should you submit your online check-in documentation.

Documentation that you need to have on hand at the event include:
  • 4 copies of your tournament staff approved roster (you will provide one copy to the center referee at each match)
  • State association/league approved player cards with current player pictures, cut and laminated
  • Medical waivers for all player


Where can I find my state approved roster and player cards?
You will need to contact your club administrator to assist with acquiring these documents. We do accept all USSF affiliates including US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, AYSO, and USSSA. 

Please see this example of a US Club Soccer roster and player cards. 

Will you accept a GotSport generated roster?
No, you will need to have an official roster from your state association/league. We will also not accept Excel documents or handwritten rosters. Please see the example above.

Exceptions are made for teams who's state association/league operate through GotSport. Please download a PDF version of your roster from GotSport and upload with your online check-in materials.

How do I add guest players to my roster?
If the guest player is from outside of your club, you will need to submit a Guest Player Form and player cards. If the player is within your same club, we do not require a Guest Player Form but we will still need their player card.

As a reminder, per our tournament rules, teams are not allowed to have players from multiple organizations rostered (ex. An US Youth approved roster with a guest player registered with US Club Soccer is not allowed). 

Once you have your Guest Player Form and player cards, you will need to add them to your tournament roster. We will accept these to be handwritten at the bottom of your roster. Only after you have all required documentation should you submit your online check-in documentation.

Can I have players play up or down an age group?
Players can play up age groups. Unless given written permission from the tournament director, players cannot play down. There are birth year charts available on the event page to inform you of the birth year for each age group.

Can I have a player rostered on multiple teams?
Players cannot be double rostered at our events. 

When do I know that my roster has been approved by tournament staff?
Approved rosters will be uploaded to your GotSport account by the Wednesday before the event. If there are any issues with your documentation, tournament staff will email the contacts listed on your GotSport application.

Please see this example of a tournament staff approved roster.


US Youth Soccer:

Indiana: Forms
Iowa: General Club Admin User GuideDemosphere: How to Create Event Rosters
Minnesota: Team Manager Resources/Handbook
Nebraska: Registrar/Team Help Resources
Wisconsin: Demosphere Support

USYS Permission to Travel Form/Guest Player Form (via Tournament Center)
*Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Missouri: Permission to Travel and Guest Player Form

If your state is not listed, please try contacting your club administrator. Alternatively, the Permission to Travel and Guest Player Forms should be available for download on your state association's website.

After completing all forms, print the confirmation and upload the PDF to your GotSport account.

US Youth Soccer Medical Waiver
US Youth Soccer Medical Waiver (Spanish)

US Club Soccer:

As a Club Admin - How to Download Official Roster for All Teams
As a Team Manager/Coach - Printing US Club Soccer Rosters and Pass Cards

US Club Soccer Player Loan Form

US Club Soccer Medical Waiver
US Club Soccer Medical Waiver (Spanish)


Once you have all required forms completed, please complete the Team Manager Checklist (found under Important Links for each event). 

Please upload PDF versions of all documents to your GotSport application. Instructions for this process can be found HERE.